Genetically Engineered Food: RED FLAGS!

Red Flag

Genetically Engineered Food: RED FLAGS!

New evidence raises potential safety concerns regarding genetically engineered (GE) foods.

Genetically Engineered Food: RED FLAGS!
Genetically Engineered Food: RED FLAGS!

New red flags on genetically engineered food safety have been raised due to a review published in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition. Researchers reviewed the scientific literature on human health risks of GE foods and raised the following potential concerns:

Genes. It might cause the genes to be silenced or changed in their level of expression. Existing genes might be turned on that were not previously expressed. This might lead to he disruption of metabolism in unpredictable ways. It can also lead to the development of new toxic compounds or an increase in the already existing ones.

Anti-nutrients. It might cause an increase in existing levels of anti-nutrients (compounds that interfere with absorption of nutrients).

Viral DNA. While insufficient proof exists that the use of viral DNA in GE plants can be transferred and cause health concerns, scientists emphasize the need for further studies.

Antibiotic resistant genes. There is concern that antibiotic resistant genes used as markers in GE crops might be transferred to bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, thus reducing the effectiveness of antibiotic therapy.

Absorbing genes. Genes introduced into the plant might be taken up by the gut and incorporated into the genetic make-up of consumers.

Allergic responses. The introduction of new proteins into foods could produce allergic responses.

The safety of genetically engineered food poses not only many red flags, but very serious health concerns. It should not be utilized until and unless ALL safety issues are addressed and eliminated. Many feel this is an impossible task. Be careful what you buy to eat. Genetically engineered foods has already reared its ugly head. The much-publicized event when the Star Link GM crop, intended for animal feed, found its way into taco shells.

Researchers also stress that, “Genetically engineered food is going to be eaten by every human, whether deliberately or inadvertently...”

Ah, thanks but no thanks!

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