Personal Eating Style

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Personal Eating Style

What is your personal eating style? What, where, when and why you eat is really a very personal issue. We acquire our eating habits over many years and they can be very difficult to change, even when needed due to diabetes. No matter your reasons, you are not alone if you feel this way. A lot of us don’t think about any personal eating style. We just eat!

Perhaps it is time to stop and take a look at your personal eating style. See if there is room for improvements.

Personal Eating Style
Personal Eating Style

The key to your success is examining your current eating habits and making the necessary changes without compromising too much. Keep a food diary for one or two weeks – just do as you usually do. Record the four W’s you ate:

  1. What did you eat?
  2. When did you eat it?
  3. Where did you eat it?
  4. Why did you eat it?

Take note of the times you find you ate more than you needed to, or ate just because. Ask yourself if you were really hungry or simply wanted to eat something because that is your habit? Say, watching TV or at a movie, etc. Ask your loved ones and friends to support and encourage you – maybe they already are!

Most importantly, be brutally honest with yourself. Know one else needs to see this information but you.

Above all, take your time in making your dietary changes. You didn’t develop your eating habits overnight and you cannot be expected to change them overnight. Be kind to yourself and do not place difficult demands on your back. After all, you have the rest of your life to put your new diet into practice!

Baby steps are far better than no steps. Just head in the right direction. 🙂

Grab a Free Printable Food Diary. No catch, just download a small PDF file and you’re good to go.

Author: Jeni

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