Tackling Toxins

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Tackling Toxins

In harmony with mother nature, your body strives to restore health every millisecond you are alive; however, this can happen only when the specific needs of the body are met. When these needs are not met, unpleasant symptoms can develop, some a nuisance, others very serious. Toxins build up, stress takes its toll and signs of aging become more pronounced.

Toxins also challenge the continual restoration process, making your body work a bit harder to achieve its goals. When its over-taxed, we become fatigued, stressed, or worst of all, ill. It all begins with various symptoms.

Symptoms are signals from your body that something is wrong and ignoring them can be risky. The human body needs many elements on a regular basis to thrive and be as healthy as possible. Those needs include:
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  • Enzymes
  • Oxygen
  • Clean water
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Proper pH balance
  • Healthy digestion & elimination
  • Healthy emotions
  • Love
  • Sense of purpose

Looking at that list, do you really think being angered by and condemning that smoker down the street – who, by the way, is just another human being like yourself, just as in need of human elements as you are – is a healthful and positive approach in life or, do you get back to reality and attempt to understand the vast multitude of factors in EVERY ONE’S daily life that expose us to toxins?

The choice is yours, but make that choice with the knowledge that the one thing anyone can do is strive for better overall fitness. Exercise helps – any kind at any duration you are comfortable with. Practicing positive thoughts and kindness and understanding toward others is a tremendous boost both psychologically and physically. Attempts to avoid toxins or embark upon a detoxification program can help tremendously.

We’ve all accumulated many years of toxins – just by be being alive. Vilifying that smoker isn’t going to do a darned thing to help you or anyone else. You most likely need some detoxification in your own life just as much as that person probably does. In fact, the act of getting angry in itself sets off a negative reaction that is toxic to your body.

Example: You just walked in your door, angered from seeing a cluster of people smoking cigarettes outside your workplace.  You coughed and waved your hand so they would KNOW THEY ANGERED YOU! You’ve just started a toxic effect in your own body with your anger. Then you go start a load of laundry with chemical laden laundry soap. Next, you head into the bathroom and use chemically laden bathroom cleaner to clean the tub, sink and toilet. Then, pressed for time, you run to the nearest fast food joint for supper, loading yourself up with preservatives, processed foods and bad fats.

  • You exposed yourself and every family member to chemicals in laundry products.
  • You exposed every person that enters your home to the chemicals in your cleaning products.
  • You exposed yourself and your family to preservatives, bad fats, etc.

Are you REALLY any better?

Detoxing Daily Toxins

There is a myriad of little things you can do to reduce exposure to toxins. But there are also many toxins none of us can avoid. Many in the very air we breathe daily. This is why assisting the body in ridding itself of toxins has become so popular. We’re on overload and in many ways at no fault (or control) of our own.

In the beginning of any kind of detox attempt your body goes through a process of eliminating the toxins, whereby it has to “dump” them into your bloodstream in order to find the most suitable “exit”. This “exit” could be the liver, kidneys, skin or other detox mechanism in your body. In some, this can cause uncomfortable symptoms. If you develop some unpleasant symptoms from detox, take comfort that they are temporary. Minor discomfort can include symptoms such as fatigue and/or mild headache. Overall, most people don’t experience any negative symptoms.

We’re not talking about any long, drawn out detox program here; frankly, we don’t believe in those. What we’re talking about here is everyday changes you can make in every day things you do and/or consume that will reduce your body’s exposure to toxins that will, hopefully, become permanent changes in your life.

The use of natural products for body care and cleansing, along with the consumption of more natural foods with limited preparation is highly recommended.  Whatever choice – or choices – you make, do so with the fact in mind that this is one of the most natural, healthful ways to overall physical fitness. Getting angry with everything and everyone you don’t like only adds to toxic misery.

The best health care starts with and within you.

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Author: Jeni

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