Tackling Toxins Household and Hygiene

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Tackling Toxins: Household and Hygiene

It is important to reduce the toxins you eat, drink, inhale, or absorb by tackling the toxins in your foods and beverages. It is also important in your home. Cleaning products contain toxins you apply on furnishings. Personal hygiene products and cosmetics also can contain toxins. How to keep up with it all? We’ll try to help.

Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are one of the most common ways we expose our bodies to toxins. They are in the air we breathe attack us through skin contact. Changing your household cleaning products is one of the simplest ways to decrease your exposure to harmful toxins immediately.

Choose “clean” cleaning and personal-care products. “Clean” refers to products that contain no synthetic chemicals or unnatural ingredients. Basically, all you need to is start purchasing natural brands of cleaning products, which can be found in most health food stores and some grocers. If your grocery store carries them, they will most likely be found in the natural foods section of the store, not with the other cleaning products.

Brand Name Natural Cleaning Products

Tackling Toxins with a Natural Cleaning Product
Tackling Toxins with a Natural Cleaning Product

Here is a list of some of the more known and popular natural cleaning products. These kill bacteria without exposing you or your loved ones to toxins. You’ll be tackling toxins in your home in no time if you use these products.

  • Seventh Generation.
  • Nature Clean.
  • Orange TKO.
  • Citrisolve.

These products are available in most health food stores and many grocery stores. If you prefer, you can make your own cleaning products out of white vinegar, baking soda and club soda. Baking soda works as a scouring powder, polish and cleaner. It absorbs odors and is a fungicide.

For more antifungal and antibacterial properties, use aromatherapy oils such as citrus and tea tree. These also make great deodorizers for your home. Air fresheners and potpourri mixes are loaded with toxic chemicals. If you have a potpourri burner, burn natural oils in it, instead of potpourri. Always freshen the air with pure essential oils.

Vinegar will remove calcium deposits and lemon juice removes ink stains on clothing.

Personal Hygiene Products

Many personal hygiene products contain harsh, synthetic ingredients. They prevent your skin from eliminating toxins. Furthermore, when you slather on creams, oils, lotions, cosmetics or other personal care products you can clog up your skin. The skin is one means our body uses to release toxins. When you clog it up, you prevent this natural process from taking place. In fact, you could increase the absorption of toxins!

Now we all have to wash, but we can do so with unscented, gentle soap and natural hair, cosmetics, and body-care products.

For perfumes and colognes, choose a natural, high-quality product made with pure essential oils. Avoid deodorants that contain aluminum. It is a heavy metal that has been linked with central nervous system disorders and other illnesses. Make sure the natural one you select say aluminum-free.

Become aware of the cleaning, beauty, and hygiene products you use on a regular basis. This will prevent the addition of new toxins to your body.

On our sister site, Belly Bytes, we have a wonderful herb section. Check out the Herbal House Cleaning suggestions. Find something you would like to try and get started tackling toxins at your home.

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