Fab Abs in Five

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Fab Abs in Five Minutes a Day!

Fab Abs in Five
Fab Abs in Five

A manual that’s direct, to the point, and super simple. It will give you fab abs with only a five minute a day commitment!

You can have fabulous abdominal muscles with just a five-minute investment each day.

All it takes is five minutes for five fab ab moves with no equipment.  You can achieve desired results with just a five-minute effort and the floor.  A mat might not be a bad idea, but is not necessary.  This abdominal workout is neither tiresome nor boring – it goes too fast!

This workout will work the entire core area of the abdominal muscles.  This will increase the effectiveness of the workout.  You combine five moves, doing each for one minute. This will keep the workout challenging, upbeat and stave off boredom.

It is important to note that you do need to incorporate some aerobics into your exercise routine for maximal effectiveness.  Another option is to use this workout and repeat it at least three times to equal a 20-minute aerobic workout.

Always keep proper form while you are doing the following exercises.  If you do these exercises improperly, you will defeat the purpose because you end up working the wrong muscles.

No matter where you are – home, office, or the park — you can use these five moves to build stronger, more appealing stomach muscles. For a more intense workout, simply add a standard set of ankle weights.

Strong abdominal muscles have many benefits in addition to looking great.  They can help alleviate lower back pain, improve posture and are an essential to overall good health.

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Note: Offer expired but e-Book still available. See above link.

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