Diet Soda Breath? Dry Mouth?

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Diet Soda Breath? Dry Mouth?

Diet Soda Breath?
Diet Soda Breath?

Saliva is a very important part of oral health, providing 3 important functions:

  1. Enzymes to help with digestion of food.
  2. A method to stabilize pH (keep the acid levels in check).
  3. High levels of oxygen in order to keep oral tissues healthy and fresh.

If you suffer from dry mouth (formally named Xerostomia), you naturally have less saliva than the average person. Less saliva means less oxygen and less oxygen means you have an anaerobic environment. This is the perfect situation for sulfur-producing bacteria. Basically, the bacteria are capable of making high levels of sulfur gases, which in turn cause bad breath and a foul taste in your mouth. Diet soda breath stems from these problems.

It isn’t the actual soda that causes diet soda breath. It is the artificial sweeteners in diet soda. But some people have it far worse than others. That is what I will attempt to explain. The whole issue of diet soda breath encompasses many factors.

Some tongue formations are also more conducive to dry mouth than others. Generally, the rougher one’s tongue, the more likely they are to have bad breath. While you cannot inherit the bacteria of bad breath, you can inherit a specific shape of tongue! Just as one would inherit a parent’s eye color, hair color, height, and ear shape.

Once the tongue becomes very dry, or if the tongue becomes irritated by extra hard scraping or brushing, the outer layer becomes very sensitive.

Burning Tongue Syndrome

Another symptom is “burning tongue syndrome”. Many patients who are diabetic may notice a burning of the tongue once they become thirsty. It is important, when one has these symptoms, to stay away from oral rinses that may burn or make your mouth dry. The resulting pain is indescribably painful according to those who suffer from it.

The standard recommendation for Burning Tongue Syndrome and Dry Mouth is the following:

  1. Stop using oral products which make your mouth dry and/or contain sodium lauryl sulfate.
  2. Stop drinking citrus juices (tomato, orange, grapefruit, etc.).
  3. Avoid coffee.
  4. See your physician regarding possibility of diabetes or thyroid problems.

And, use an oral mouth rinse that isn’t irritating – and yes, we have one to recommend (knew that was coming, didn’t you. 🙂 )

Sincerely, this is an excellent product and is amazing just in its ability to help bad breath! As a diet soda consumer, I have dealt with that “diet soda breath” problem – this stuff? Wiped it out entirely! Used as recommended (twice daily), and NO MORE DIET SODA BREATH! This is one reason we’re honored to shamelessly promote this product – or any of Dr. Katz’s for that matter.

TheraBreath Fights Diet Soda Breath
TheraBreath Fights Diet Soda Breath

No alcohol, no burning, reverses dry mouth and best of all, gives you 24 hour fresh breath, working instantly. Even when you have diet soda breath!

That’s our diet soda breath recommendation and we’re sticking to it!

“One who tries the following in their daily oral hygiene can drastically improve their oral health and decrease the occurrence of bad breath.”

Author: Jeni

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