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Cream of Potato Soup

Vegetarian Recipe

Cream of Potato Soup is simple but so good and creamy with diced potatoes, water, soy spread and soy milk, an onion and salt and black pepper for seasoning.

Cream of Potato Soup


2 cups diced potatoes
3 cups water
2 tablespoons creamy soynut butter
1 quart soy milk
1 onion
Salt and black pepper

Recipe Directions

Cook potatoes until tender in salt water. Drain but save the water.

Mash potatoes fine. Add scalding hot soy milk, soy spread, and potato water to potatoes.

Grate the onion and put in soup tureen, pour the hot soup over it. Recipe makes 8 servings.

Recipe Variation

Don't mash potatoes. Mix: 2 tablespoons Creamy Soynut Butter and soy milk into a cream sauce. Add grated onion. Add potatoes.

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Vegetarian Fact

Vegetable Serve familiar dishes your family enjoys. Some may already be naturally vegetarian, while others need just a quick ingredient adjustment to become vegetarian. For example, simply substitute frozen veggie crumbles or chopped up veggie burgers for the ground meat in your spaghetti sauce, chili, tacos, or Sloppy Joes. See: Ground Meat Replacers for some of the most popular options.

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