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Banana Orange Carob Cream

Vegetarian Recipe

Banana orange carob cream is a creamy smooth mixture of bananas, orange, carob powder and vanilla extract blended and served in dessert bowls.

Fresh carob for Banana Orange Carob Cream

Banana orange carob cream


4 cups bananas, frozen, sliced
1 orange, navel or other sweet seedless orange, frozen sections
4 tablespoons carob powder
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract, pure

Recipe Directions

Begin by peeling and slicing the ripe bananas and placing the pieces on a non-stick metal baking sheet for easy freezing. Wash and peel the orange. Place the orange sections on the baking sheet with the banana slices. Place the baking sheet in the freezer for about six to eight hours to ensure that the banana pieces and orange sections are frozen solid.

Once frozen, use a plastic spatula to loosen the fruit from the metal sheet. (The frozen banana pieces can be stored in a tightly sealed plastic container in the freezer for about a month). Place the frozen banana pieces and orange sections in the blender container. Add the carob powder and vanilla.

Cover, and run at the highest speed until the fruit becomes creamy smooth (about one minute). To ensure uniform consistency, use the tamper to work the fruit into the blades. (Do this only with the cover firmly in place.) Scoop the banana orange carob cream into individual serving bowls. Serve "as is" or with your favorite topping.

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