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Shoop Shoop

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Shoop shoop, also known as Sweet Potatoes in Coconut Milk, is delicious, easy and popular for potlucks. This is a pudding like treat yet makes a hearty breakfast or dinner dish. Also known as Sweet Potatoes in Coconut Milk. Delicious and easy to make, this dish is very popular at Pot Lucks.

Okinawan purple sweet potato


Purple Okanawian Sweet Potatoes
Thai Kitchen Organic Coconut Milk
Bragg Liquid Aminos

Recipe Directions

Using any amount of sweet potatoes you want, cut them in large pieces and steam.

Let cool.

Peel (can also peel before steaming but this is much easier and you lose less food when you slip the peels off after steaming).

Place sweet potatoes in a cooking pot with coconut milk to cover.

Mash sweet potatoes with fork. (Does not have to be smooth. Some chunks are fine.)

Cook on medium-low heat until bubbly. Add salt or Bragg's to taste.

Recipe Notes

  1. White sweet potatoes are great in this dish, too.
  2. Thai Brand is the only canned coconut milk without preservatives.

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