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Below are links to charts, logs, calculators, etc., to help you in your fitness, nutrition, weightloss and general health goals.

You can calculate your BMI, print out logs to keep track of workouts, dietary needs, etc. Do try to make use of these as they can all be a great help in achieving your goals! There is something about writing these things down that helps spark motivation!

Note:  Most of the links will open in a new window. Thank you.

Icon Walking Chart -- Keep track of your daily walks!

Icon Nutrition Log -- A chart to log your daily nutritional intake.

Icon  Carb-Counters Cheat Sheet for Fruits and Vegetables

Icon  Atkins Carboydrate Chart

Icon  Diabetic Free Foods List

Icon  Diabetic Food Exchange Chart

Icon  BMI Calculator

Icon  Calories Expended

Icon  Calorie Calculator for Men

Icon  Calorie Calculator for Women

Icon  Weight Charts for Men

Icon  Weight Charts for Women

Icon  Height/Weight Chart

Icon  Fiber/Hidden Carbohydrate Calculator

Icon  Push Up Test

Icon  Weight Training Log

Icon  Exercise Calculator

Icon  Weight Maintenence (Caloric) Calculator for Women

Icon  Weight Maintenence (Caloric) Calculator for Men

Icon  Activity and Food Exchange Plan

Icon  Nutrition Guide Chart

Icon  Daily Food Diary

Icon  Daily Food Diary II

Icon  Food Diary II

Icon  Workout Log

Informational Tools

Icon Fitness Glossary

Icon The New Food Label