The Sitting Exercise eBook

The sitting exercise ebook

Sit and be Fit!

Sit your way to a healthier, stronger, leaner body with the training manual in PDF.

You can call this type of exercise by several names: sitting aerobics, chair dancing, chair aerobics etc., but in short, it is simply exercising your body while sitting in a chair. Many people are skeptical when they think of exercise in a chair, but the truth is, it is a very beneficial form of exercise.

Please note: This manual is a simple, to the point document that includes thorough descriptions and images of exercises you can perform while sitting in a chair. The manual is a PDF document.

Benefits for You:

  • No Impact Exercise
  • No Special Equipment
  • Any Age ... Any level...Any Size
  • Any Day ... Any Time
  • Private and Convenient
  • Any Place ... Any Clothing

Exercising on your feet is a weight bearing activity. Exercising while seated lets you move your arms and legs to music while taking the weight off your feet. This is an excellent choice if you have difficulty standing on your feet very long.

Oftentimes people think exercise means running/jogging, jumping up and down, lifting heavy weights, power walking and the like, but if you have limitations such as bad knees, arthritis, are extremely over weight or suffer from heart ailments or disease, many forms of exercise can be detrimental to your health. However, the fact still remains that the human body was not meant to be completely idle. This program of sitting exercises gives those who suffer physical limitations an opportunity to get in on the exercise scene in a fun and beneficial manner.

A couple great features, besides the health benefits of sit down exercise (or chair dancing) appeal to many. It does not require special cloths or shoes. No equipment other than a chair is required, nor does it take up much of your space.

Sitting exercises are ideal for all ages and can be done just about anywhere you go!

The physical benefits are many. You can improve your muscle tone, flexibility and posture. In time you will improve your physical strength and endurance and you will have more energy, better circulation and the added plus of reduced stress. All of these benefits are from the result of your heart pumping oxygen rich blood throughout your entire body, the key element in any aerobic exercise.

Included in this Training eBook:

  • General guideline for your target heart rate
  • The Workout
  • Incorporating Strength Training
  • Lower Body Toning
  • Upper Body Toning
  • Abdominal Toning
  • The Grand Finale
  • Cool Down

Yes, all of this can be achieved sitting in a chair!

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