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Herbs and Surgery

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Make sure you tell your doctor if you are taking any herbs or other supplements.

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Herbs that can cause complications before or during surgery:

  • Garlic, ginkgo and ginseng can cause bleeding
  • Ephedra can raise blood pressure and heart rate
  • Ginseng can lower blood sugar levels
  • Kava and valerian can make anesthetics more potent
  • St. John's Wort can interfere with some drugs
  • Echinacea can cause allergic reactions or alter immune function

What to do:

Stop taking garlic, ginseng and St. John's wort roughly a week before surgery, and ginkgo, kava and ephedra a day or two before surgery.

There is no reliable information on how early to stop taking echinacea or valerian.

A simpler suggestion from the American Society of Anesthesiologists is to stop taking any herbal supplement at least two to three weeks before an operation.

Source:  Journal of the American Medical Association

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