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Get in Shape for Golf

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You can't beat a good game of golf for low-impact exercise and plenty of fresh air. Golf is an excellent sport for keeping physically fit and mentally alert.

Getting in Shape

Start exercising a few weeks in advance, about the same time of day you'll be playing golf. Walk 20 to 30 minutes a day, 3 to 4 times a week. Take a club and begin practicing your grip. Practice your back swing, keeping the club at waist level, and slowly increase to a full swing. Start with one of the shorter clubs, working up to longer, heavier irons.

Calf and Hamstring Warm Up

When you arrive at the golf course, and before you change into your golf shoes, find a bench and try these exercises for warming up your neck, shoulders, trunk, and legs:

Pre-Golfing Exercises

Calf and hamstring warm up:

Put your left foot on the bench, keeping your knee close to your body.

Your right foot remains on the ground. Place your hands under your left knee, holding onto the thigh. Tuck your chin to your chest and curl down slowly. Hold and count to 10. Do not bounce. Come back up slowly, keeping your chin to your chest.

For the trunk and upper body:

Stand and hold your golf club horizontally with both hands. Raise the club and place it behind your neck. Then, with feet comfortably apart, slowly rotate body to the left, then to the center, then to the right. Do this exercise frequently during your game and again afterwards.

Golf Warm Ups

Before teeing off on the golf course, most people warm up by hitting balls at the driving range, then putting and chipping on the practice green. But it's better to start at the practice green, then go to the driving range; that way, your muscles aren't cold and tight when you start playing.

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