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Exercise Guidelines for Seniors

Never Too Late!

You are never too old to be buff. People can build muscle mass and reap the benefits from weight training well into old age. The key is slowly adding weight and repetitions. There is no upper age limit.

Exercising with dumbbells Research now indicates that men and women in their retirement years can do the same exercise routines as "younger" people and reap both physical and psychological benefits. However, the exercises should be performed at a slower pace to reduce any possibility of injury.

One thing we cannot help is the fact that as we age, we are more susceptible to injury - no what shape we are in.

If you are elderly and healthy, all you need do is continue working hard and add more weights and repetitions as you feel you can. You should not over-do it, but do enough that you feel you are working at a challenging pace. This way, you will see results.

Free weights are the most highly recommended way to build strength and stamina not only for the elderly, but for those of all ages. You get a mental boost as well as physical improvements.

In addition, those who work out regularly fall less and consequently, suffer fewer injuries.

Currently, falling is the leading cause of all injury-related deaths among Americans 65 or older. When your muscles are weak, your ability to keep yourself upright when you feel you are falling diminishes greatly.

Always check with your doctor before beginning an exercise program, and always proceed with tender-loving self care and caution.

Senior's Exercising Information and Suggested Exercises

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Did You Know?

Researchers say that people 60 and older can reduce their heart attack and stroke risks just by doing chores, such as cleaning, gardening and home improvement. The benefit holds even for people who already exercise regularly. Source: British Journal of Sports Medicine

Strength Exercises for Seniors

Stretching Exercises for Seniors

Fit After Fifty

Do not be surprised if you see more seniors at the gym than catching the early bird special. In fact, many grandparents are more active than their grandkids. According to a recent survey, 26-percent of people over 55 exercised at least 100 times in the past year, compared with only 18-percent of youngsters 12 to 17. Another survey showed that athletic physical activity is more popular than card games and sewing with the 55 plus crowd.

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