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Alleviate the Aches and Pains of Aging

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No one wishes to hear about aches and pains, yet we all suffer them, especially as we age. No one invites this calamity into their life - it just intrudes on us! But you can alleviate these aches and pains with proper and simple exercise.

Yoga Stretch

Men and women aged 65 or older who participate in stretching and muscle flexibility exercises four times a week for a year, report fewer aches and pains than when they began their exercises. It is interesting to note that those who participate in aerobics and strength training improve endurance and strength, but did not alleviate their pain!

Therefore, stretching and flexibilily are by far the best solutions to aid and relieve aches and pains. There are many stretching tapes/DVD's available on the market, or you could try some gentle yoga. Yoga is great for flexibility, endurance and strength, Plus, its as gentle or challenging as you wish to make it! The same yoga routine can be used even as you increase in your performance, as you only do in yoga what you body says is "okay" to do.

Note: This is especially important for men to realize, as men tend to neglect this portion of exercise, seeking muscle gains as a priority.

Visit the senior's exercise section for stretching exercise suggestions.

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