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Raw Food Candy

Paleolithic Raw Food Recipe

Just 3 ingredients and some toothpicks to pull together these healthful Raw Food Candy treats!

Carob Powder in Raw Food Candy


1 cup date paste
1 cup raw organic carob powder
1 cup almond butter

Recipe Directions

Mix all ingredients well in blender.

Form mixture into individual balls, stick a toothpick in, and enjoy!

Date Paste

Date paste can be difficult to find in some areas. For this reason, it may not be a bad idea to know how to make your own. It's also much more economical! Date paste is simply dates processed with a bit of water. You can use your food processor or if you have a good blender you can try using that.

If you are using harder, or dried dates, which need to be soaked first, you can use the water you soaked them in. But do note that you do not need too much water. Just add the water slowly; just to get your date paste moving and creamy.

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