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Nutrition Quiz for health

1. The best low-fat snack at the movies is:
A) A small tub of unbuttered popcorn
B) A package of licorice
C)A small box of M&M's

2. Which cookie is the better choice?
A) Fig bars
B) Fat-free sandwich cookies

3. Which has less fat?
A) 3 ounces roasted chicken thigh, no skin
B) A 3-1/2 ounce serving of roasted pork tenderloin

4. Which is least likely to keep your blood pressure from rising?
A) Eating fruits and vegetables
B) Exercising regularly
C) Losing excess weight
D) Avoiding alcohol
E) All of the above

5.Which type of fish can protect your heart?
A) Tuna
B) Broiled salmon
C) Baked fillet of sole


Question 1: The correct answer is B. Licorice is by far the least fattening movie snack.

Question 2: The correct answer is A. Fig bars have health benefits, the cookies are too high in sugar.

Question 3: The correct answer is B. The tenderloin is much leaner.

Question 4: The correct answer is E. All will keep your blood pressure under control.

Question 5: The correct answer is B. Salmon is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids.


If you learned something, you did great! If you knew it all, more power to you!

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