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Low Sodium Recipes

Cut down on sodium in your daily diet.

Sodium is a mineral found as a natural ingredient in many foods. The most common form of sodium is salt. The low-sodium diet allows you 1/8-teaspoon of salt per day to use in food preparation or at the table.

High in Salt

Salt Shaker Salt, flavored salts, mono-sodium glutamate (MSG), prepared horseradish, prepared mustard, catsup, meat sauces, chili sauce, barbeque sauces, meat tenderizers, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, tartar sauce, Worcestershire sauce, flavored vinegar, relish, olives, pickles, salted snack foods, satled snack foods, salted nuts, cooking wine, Dutch processed cocoa or chocolate, Kitchen Bouquet, Butter Buds, package mix gravy.

Reading labels for sodium. If a product changed to a lower sodium level, you may see these various terms alerting you to the changes:

  1. Reduced or less sodium:  At least 35-percent less sodium than the original version of the product
  2. Light in Sodium:  At least 50-percent less sodium than the original version of the product
  3. Low Sodium:  140mg of sodium (or less) per serving
  4. Sodium Free:  Less than 5mg of sodium per serving

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Tips for a Low Sodium Diet | Measurement Conversions

The Low Sodium Recipes

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Fruit and Vegetable Dishes

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