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Coffee Smoothie

Low Fat Recipe

This Coffee Smoothie tastes much like a milk shake! It's thick and rich like a milk shake but with very few calories.

Coffee Smoothie


1 cup skim milk
2 tablespoons sugar (or equivalent of sugar substitute)
2 tablespoons chocolate syrup (regular or lite)
1 tablespoon instant coffee granules
7 ice cubes

This recipe makes 1 serving thick and rich Coffee Smoothie.

Recipe Directions

Blend for two to three minutes on high speed of blender.

Pour, and drink!

Sassy Summertime Treat

Tiramisu Milkshake: Soak 6 ladyfinger cookies in 1/2 cup coffee; blend and pour into glasses. Blend 1 cup each coffee ice cream and vanilla frozen yogurt with 1 tablespoon each milk and sweetened condensed milk; pour over the coffee and ladyfinger mixture. Dust with cocoa powder.

Did you know?

September 29th is International Coffee Day.

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