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Vanilla Almond Coffee

Low Fat Recipe

Grab 13 ounces of your favorite automatic drip coffee and simply add vanilla and almond extracts for a tasty pot of no calorie, no fat, very flavorful Vanilla Almond Coffee.

Vanilla Almond Coffee


13 ounces automatic drip ground coffee
1 ounce vanilla extract
1 ounce almond extract

Recipe Directions

Pour coffee into a large self-closing plastic bag or bowl. Add both extracts to coffee. Thoroughly blend extracts into coffee. Note: You can use decaffeinated coffee if desired.

Store coffee in plastic bag or air-tight container in refrigerator or freezer until ready to use. Brew coffee as usual.

Vanilla Bean

Vanilla-Orange Coffee

Use 1-ounce orange extract in place of almond extract.

Did you know?

In its native Mexico, vanilla was so valuable that the Totonac Indians (the first to cultivate it) thought that it sprang from the blood of a princess, who was captured and slain when she fled with her lover. When the Totonac were conquered by the Aztecs, they were required to pay taxes and tributes with vanilla beans. It's fair to say that vanilla was literally worth its weight in silver.

September 29th is International Coffee Day.

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