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Low Calorie Recipes II

Lower Calories, Lose Weight

Several years ago, doctors examined a small number of people from a group called the Calorie Restriction Society. The group has about 3,000 members. Early tests showed the practitioners, who call themselves "CRONies," (Calorie Restriction, Optimal Nutrition), had virtually no risks of cardiovascular disease or cancer even though their medical records said they were less healthy when they started the program.

What also intrigued researchers were claims that practitioners would live 20 to 30 percent longer and in better health. Dr. John Holloszy wrote - after the preliminary round of studies, "It's becoming clear from studies with the CRONies - and from this brief, prospective study - that calorie restriction does change some of the markers we associate with aging."

Proponents of calorie restriction, which they call "CR," boast of disappearing triglycerides, healthy levels, the elimination of low-level inflammation through the body caused by oxidation damage, lowered and more stable blood sugar, nonexistent cardiovascular disease and even instances of being cured of early stage diabetes.

Onto the recipes!

Low calorie symbol We've broken down the recipes into several categories if you prefer to view that way. Below the category listing is a complete listing if you prefer.

  1. Chef  Beverages, Breads and Breakfasts
  2. Chef  Appetizers, Salads, Sides and Snacks
  3. Chef  Casseroles, Pizza, Side and Main Dishes
  4. Chef  Sweets, Treats and Good Eats

Section II Complete Low Calorie Recipe List

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Beverages, Breads and Breakfasts

Appetizers, Salads, Sides and Snacks

Casseroles, Pizza, Side and Main Dishes

Sweets, Treats and Good Eats

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