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Expresso Cream Delight

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Expresso Cream Delight is Espresso shots sweetened with sugar substitute and topped with whipped or clotted cream with mashed strawberries stirred in.

Cup of Expresso Cream Delight


For the base:
2 shots espresso
2 packets sugar substitute (such as Stevia)

For the topping:
Whipped cream or clotted cream
Sweetener if the cream is not sweetened
4 raspberries

Recipe Directions

Mix sweetener into espresso. Stir in 2 ice cubes to cool it and make it a bit more palatable. Put in freezer.

Every 30 minutes or so, stir with a fork and break up the ice that forms. After about 2 hours, it will end up a fine grainy slush.

For the topping, smash up the raspberries and mix the sweetener into the cream. Top generously.

Nutrition Information

Recipe makes 1 serving.

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