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Mocha Lovers PieHappy Valentine's Day

Happy Healthy Holidays!

Do you love mocha? If so, you and your special valentines will swoon over this delectable dessert. Coffee is so versatile, and lends itself well to drinks and to desserts, and even has medicinal uses.

Coffee Ice Cream

Recipe Ingredients

1 container whipped topping
1 prepared graham cracker pie crust (9-inch)
1 bag Twix Brand Miniatures for Valentine's Day, chopped
1/2 gallon coffee ice cream

Recipe Directions

Let ice cream soften slightly, and place into bowl. Set aside 8 Twix Brand Miniatures for Valentine's Day.

Chop remaining Twix Brand Miniatures for Valentine's Day and mix thoroughly into ice cream.

Decorate with remaining chopped Twix Brand Miniatures for Valentine's Day from step two.

Mocha Lovers Pie

Nutrition Information

Yield: 1 pie

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