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Weight Loss Myths and Truths

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For millions of us, the number one goal in our lives is to lose weight. The weight loss product industry exceeds 60 billion dollars in profits from overweight and obese victims. Time to dispel some of the myths and give people the truth they are so deserving of but will not get off the media advertising.

Fad Dieting

Fad Diet Button Fad diets have been around forever. There is always a new one popping up, attracting people to the quick weight loss results some initially do result in. However, keeping the weight off is next to impossible, leading many into the "yo-yo" dieting pitfall that can be more destructive to your health long term along with increasing your weight and your body fat. What occurs is each time you try another fad diet is that you are likely to lose less weight and when you go off of it, you gain more than you lost. Many overweight people can relate to this. It is a trap that is very easy to fall in to.

Weight Loss Drugs

If someone has a severe weight problem it has reached life-threatening proportions, or excess weight just will not come off, weight loss supplementation can be justified. It is important to note however, the true benefits of using drugs should be seriously considered before doing so.

Prepackaged Foods

Prepackaged foods Prepackaged food programs will make meal planning much easier for the dieter and while yes, this is very convenient, it is not going to help you in the long-term practice of weight control. Another problem with prepackaged programs is they are very expensive to maintain for extended periods of time. Also, the results are similar to that of fad dieting -- negative in the long run. The best thing to do for your self is become educated about eating properly -- for life and on your own.

Learn what foods are good for you, what foods to avoid, how to cook and bake in a way that promotes healthy eating along with making smart choices in frozen foods and when eating in restaurants. It can be done. Once you've learned these things you'll wish you would have took the time to do so long ago! There are some adjustments to be made, yes, but they really aren't that painful or difficult if you add two factors:

  1. 1. have a good attitude
  2. 2. take baby steps to allow yourself time to adjust to the changes

Lifestyle Changes

Family taking a walk together An unhealthy lifestyle has only one result -- we get out of shape. Long-term results are usually obtained only when we take those baby steps mentioned earlier. Make progressive changes in the way you live being sure to include eating less and exercising more.

For every pound lost, caloric reduction must be 3,500 calories whether we've eaten that many less calories, or burned them off in exercise. Lifestyle changes require a personal commitment to change the bad habits that made us overweight in the first place. When you begin to see the positive effects of these changes you will have begun the process for realistic and lasting weight maintenance. Always remind yourself that with each day that goes by, you are closer to obtaining your goals and let that thought help keep you motivated. Taking this process one-day at a time is the best way to become successful in losing and controlling your weight.

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