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Increase Your Thyroid Production

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Thyroid Health

Did you know that nearly 11 million of us have a hypoactive thyroid? And that Hypothyroidism is linked to obesity and high cholesterol?

The Thyroid Gland

According to the famed Mayo Clinic, the following are all symptoms of hypothyroidism:

  • Do you feel blue and depressed?
  • Is your skin is dry?
  • Do you have brittle hair?
  • You don't understand why you're gaining weight, and your hands and feet are always cold.

Helpful thyroid support consists of a complete spectrum of vitamins, minerals and herbs designed to support healthy thyroid function. A key ingredient is iodine, which is a key constituent of kelp. Healthy iodine levels are essential for maintaining a healthy thyroid.

Millions Struggle with Sluggish Thyroid Function

Thyroid function is weakened by stress, pollution, poor lifestyle, bad eating habits, and a host of other unhealthy activities we're all guilty of at some time or another. Over time, these bad habits can lead to hypo thyroid or thyroid disease.

It is now proven that various nutrients directly support the healthy structure of the thyroid gland, the formation of thyroid hormone, and the activation of thyroid hormone throughout the body. These are all normal and natural functions that need to be properly maintained to support health. When not properly maintained, hypo thyroid, or thyroid disease, can set in.

New science is showing that free radical problems, especially when there are deficiencies of selenium and manganese containing antioxidant enzymes, place stress on your thyroid's hormone function. If these nutritional deficiencies are not corrected, you are more likely to struggle with high body weight, insulin function, and poor metabolism.

Many individuals have symptoms thyroid disease, which consist of slow metabolism, including low body temperature, fatigue, weight gain, trouble losing weight and keeping it off, constipation, poor mood, heavy head, dry skin, and energy problems in the afternoon. Thyromine offers significant nutritional support to help maintain the normal function of thyroid hormone and fend off pending or existing hypo thyroid.

Supplements Thyroid support works very well for people who have thyroid malfunctioning. Many people start with iodine. Other ingredients to look for in supplementing for your thyroid are:

  • Tyrosine - one of the most active & natural ingredients that works to stimulate the metabolism.
  • Guglipid works to lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.
  • Adrenal Powder from Bovine helps regulate your body's stress levels.
  • Piper Longum Extract increases the production of thyroid hormones and stimulates the immune system.
  • Finally, Ginger Extract works to prevent blood clots and is used to treat digestive problems.

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