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Oral Health

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Your Gums

Gum disease is caused by bacterial plaque. Bacterial plaque releases toxins that irritate the soft tissues around the teeth. Sadly, it is difficult and sometimes impossible to see or feel the signs of gum disease. It is often painless and shows no outward signs.

This is a disease that can also be progressive and cause further complications. As with most ailments, the earlier caught, the easier it is to treat and the less damage it can do.

The Signs and Stages of Gum Disease

  • Gums that bleed or are red, swollen and tender
  • Gums that have pulled away from the teeth
  • Pus that appears between the teeth and gums
  • Teeth that are loose or have changed position
  • Bad breath or bad taste in the mouth

Healthy Gums:  Healthy gums are firm and do not bleed. They fit snugly around the teeth.

Gingivitis:   Gums are mildly inflamed, may appear red or swollen and may bleed during brushing and flossing.

Periodontitis:  Gums begin to separate and recede from the teeth. This allows plaque to move toward the roots, supporting fibers and bone.

Advanced Periodontitis:  Supporting fibers and bone are destroyed. Teeth become loose and may need to be removed.

Detection and Treatment

The best thing to do first is to visit your dentist. He can probe and check your gums thoroughly and knows just what to look for to assess your condition, if any. Scaling is the most common treatment. This is a process that removes plaque and tarter from the crown and root of the tooth. There are also prescription mouth rinses a dentist can prescribe for you. Ask him or her what would be best for you and make sure to take proper care of your teeth and gums at home on a daily basis.

At Home Care

Brush with a quality toothbrush that states it has been clinically proven to reduce gum disease. Make sure to use fluoride toothpaste, too. Floss daily, preferably with shred resistant floss. With floss, advanced-technology really does make a difference. It not only is more effective, it makes flossing a much easier task. Since this is something you should do daily, it's worth it! p>Visit the official Therabreath web site for more information or to order.

If you do have gum disease, a prescription rinse should be used daily. If you don't have gum disease, use a quality product such as TheraBreath PerioTherapy Healthy Gums Treatment Kit. This kills tons of disease causing bacteria and freshens your mouth to boot. Rinsing alone is not good enough, though. Brushing and flossing is essential for optimal gum health.

There is a link between cardiovascular disease and tartar and plaque in your teeth and gums. This fact has long been known. Periodontal disease will put you at twice the risk for a stroke. Bacteria and the toxins it produces enter the blood stream and cause clotting. They can also block blood flow to the brain, causing a stroke.

Dental Floss


Flossing can actually help increase your life span up to 6.4 years longer! Cutting edge research composed of 25,000 medical studies has been scientifically analyzed to determine behaviors that could easily delay the effects of aging. Flossing was proven as one of them.

So there you have it -- a crash course on oral health and the benefits that ensue from good oral care. If you so much as suspect you may have one of the above ailments, please get to a dentist and have your gums and teeth thoroughly checked. You may be increasing your life span!

Source: The Signs and Stages of Gum Disease from information given by Colgate in the interest of better dental health.

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