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The Many Forms of Acai

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Acai Berry Juice, Capsules, Teas, Powders, Purees - Oh My!

Acai Berry is now available in the open market in many forms: Juice, capsules, teas, powders, and purees. You can use Acai Berry any which way you like but the most preferred formis a capsule as a diet supplement, with the drink mix running a close second.

Why do people prefer the acai capsules?
There's no doubt that the juice of the Acai Berry contains many nutrients in addition to making a great food, so why take a supplement instead? The acai berry is about 97 to 98% seed, and only 2 to 3 percent "meat" (as the Brazilian locals call it). Acai Berry comes from Amazon, Brazil which, of course, means transportation time. However, a mere 24 hours after harvested, the Acai berry has already lost most of its nutritional value. You still get nutritional benefits, but not nearly as many as if you just picked the fruit fresh.

What you need is the highest quality, purest, organic and freeze dried Acai Berry possible, or you'll simply be wasting your time and money. A product such as Acai Plus gives you all the benefits of fresh, genuine acai berry, without the concerns associated with purchasing the actual berry.

The Pure Acai Capsule

Acai Berry Capsule When putting the capsule up against the juice, tea, powder, or puree, there is one thing that sets the capsule apart and that's the fact that it is easy for you to store away and it will go anywhere with you, yet retains its nutritional benefits. And because the capsules come in specific doses, taking the correct dosage is very easy.

Here are a few of the benefits of Pure Acai Berry:

  • You can experience extremely fast weight loss due to increased metabolism
  • You'll have more energy
  • The powerful antioxidants within the Acai Berry rid your body of toxins

So basically, you get immediate weight loss, detox in a pill, and a happier, more energetic you.

The All-Important Ingredients
With Pure Acai Berry capsules, you are getting 100 percent pure ingredients. There are NO artificial ingredients thrown into the capsule. Pure Acai Berry is 100 percent natural. You can't buy higher quality anywhere.

Acai Berry: Literally one of the most powerful super fruits on the planet.

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