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Physical Fitness

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Physical Fitness Means Living Better, Longer.

Regular exercise can provide the basis for good health and wellness. In the past health meant only the absence of disease or illness. Today we define health in terms of physical, mental, social and emotional wellness. The health, fitness, and medical experts now regard exercise, practiced on a regular basis, as essential for achieving and maintaining good health.

Healthy Family

Being physically fit does not guarantee you health. However, exercise is an essential component of good health.

Exercise is the basis for living a full life. It will help you bring your body, mind and spirit into concert. The effort it takes for you to be physically fit will help you to discover the individual within yourself.

How Much Exercise?

A question you might ask is, how much exercise do I need to realize some health benefits? Perhaps you are concerned only about living longer. A recent study by the Aerobics Research Institute indicates that even a little exercise appears to protect people from early death. The study analyzed the data of 13,334 men and women who were classified as healthy. Based on their treadmill testing results the participants were divided into five categories, ranging from least fit to most fit.

Person exercising on exercise machine The research team followed these people to determine how their level of physical fitness related to their death rates. After eight years the inactive group (least fit) had a death rate more than three times greater than the very active group (most fit). However, the most interesting finding was that the death rate for group one (inactive) was two and one half times greater than that for group two (walking 30 minutes a day). Thus, in terms of reducing premature death, the study strongly suggests that a minimal amount of exercise tends to lower the risk of premature death from heart disease, cancer and other health-related causes.

In a similar study done strictly with men, findings were similar. The study consisted of 12,138 middle-aged men. The report results were that moderate levels of exercise resulted in one-third fewer deaths from all causes (including heart disease) compared to those who were sedentary.

These studies suggest that moderate exercise seems to be adequate for helping you to live longer and live life at your fullest potential. But, being physically fit is more that striving to live longer. Being physically fit is striving to live better. People exercise to maintain good physical appearance, have more energy to carry out daily tasks, sleep better, be able to eat nutritious foods without worrying about weight gain, improve their performance in a favorite sport or pastime, and, enjoy the feeling of being physically fit and possessing good health.

Consider the fitness truths listed below. These statements are what physical fitness and exercise is all about. Physical fitness is not getting by in life, it is about living every day to your fullest capacity. This goal is within the reach of anyone who educates themselves regarding fitness. Fitness exercise is for everyone. If you've had unhappy experiences in athletics or physical education in the past, take heart. Not having the ability to be a great athlete isn't what is important, reaching a point where you become the best YOU can be, is.

Way Of Life:

Gal doing aerobic exercise with weights Fitness Truths

  • Your body was made to be active.
  • Your body cannot handle the stress of sitting and standing all day.
  • Your body thrives on activity.
  • You need to use energy to gain energy.
  • A physically fit body is more able to function at its full potential.
  • Fit people tend to feel good about themselves.

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