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Hair Loss Treatments

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Hair has long been considered as a person's crowning glory. Just like clothing, hair is usually styled according to one's personality or preference. But what if the hair starts to be sensitive?

Bald man

For example, more and more hair strands are left on the bathroom floor after shampooing or combing. Naturally a person worries, fearing that baldness is fast approaching.

Whether hair loss is caused by an illness, aging, or heredity, the good news is that it can now be reversed. The advancement of technology has made it possible to provide treatments and medications for hair loss. A person suffering from the said condition has the option to wear a wig of different styles, undergo surgery such as grafting and stretching, take doctor's prescribed medicines like Finasteride (Generic Propecia), or apply topical products such as ProFollica to prevent or halt hair loss.

Another option for hair loss is through surgical treatment, which can be classified into two kinds: grafting or stretching of the scalp.

In grafting, a small portion of the scalp that is still able to grow hair will be cut off and transplanted to the areas wherein the patient's hairline lies. On the other hand, in stretching, the totally bald portion of the scalp is cut off permanently and the area where hair strands still grow is stretched to cover the cut bald portion. This, however, is only good for men as women experience only thinning of hair and not slight baldness. Recovery period for these surgery treatments take a long time. Usually, the dermatologist or doctor will recommend what is best for the patient for these surgeries cannot be performed to everyone.

Most of the patients who underwent the aforementioned hair loss surgeries grew their hair back. Surgery as a type of hair loss treatment has been noted a success, but still, this type of treatment is generally known to be expensive. From the doctor's services to the medicines one needs to take throughout the surgical treatment, it definitely costs a lot.

Profillica for Hair Loss Other treatment that may not require high expenditure as much as surgery is oral medication, usually in the form of pills. Some of the oral medicines on the market require prescription while some could be bought over the counter. Pills like finasteride need a prescription but you can purchase them in generic form. This kind of pills basically converts and reverses the hormone that stops hair growth, but can only be taken by men. The said pill is prohibited to women because of its side effects; in fact, birth defect is one main side effect of this drug as it can transpose through the skin of the current or future fetus inside the womb. On the other hand, there are also some pills such as ProFollica Pills that do the same treatment for hair loss but has no side effect and could be bought, sans any prescription. This kind of pills are all natural and can be taken by both men and women. Plus, pills lik Profollica cause no harmful effects - just thicker and growing hair.

The most common and simpler way of medicating hair loss is by using topical applications. The products could be a shampoo, conditioner, gel, or oil that needs to be applied to the scalp to stimulate hair growth. Each can be bought in drugstores or in grocery stores and are safe for both by men and women.

Meanwhile, there are some companies that offer a hair growing system, which composes of two or more products. A hair growing system like ProFollica usually has shampoo, gel, and pills as well -- all are formulated to work together to halt hair loss and start hair growth again. The shampoo is used as any ordinary shampoo; it cleans the scalp, making dirt and body's natural secreted oil easy to rinse out. The gel is next applied to the hair and scalp, stimulating hair growth by revitalizing hair follicles. An all-natural hair growing system such as ProFollica system starts to work just days after its first usage. One can expect fast hair improvement from the system, unlike in hair loss surgery that makes the patient wait for scalp recovery first, before seeing his hair grow back.

Every approach to treating hair loss has its own advantages and disadvantages. What one needs to consider in selecting the most appropriate medication, aside from the doctor's suggestions, are convenience, cost, efficacy, short and long-term impacts to their lives, and maintenance. It does not mean that as people experience hair loss, they are also needing to undergo the same exact treatment. It is important to base your conclusion to your desired outcome.

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