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Cardio Karaticise has blended the benefits of some of today's top exercise programs. It utilizes the secrets of an ancient Mandarin Kung Fu to give a great workout without the stress on the joints and back associated with typical martial arts programs.

Man Jogging

Today's fitness knowledge is advancing at a tremendous rate. Exercises we once thought beneficial have been proven to be dangerous. Foods once thought of as healthy are considered bad for us. Stretches we once thought would lengthen our muscles can actually tear them. For those that are not entirely educated in the field of fitness it can all be very confusing.

It all started with jogging. This was the first aerobic exercise introduced to the world. Then, of course, jogging was taken to the next level. New shoes, indoor tracks, and treadmills were developed. The craze was big.

Unfortunately, jogging was not for everyone. Many found it to be too hard on the knees and many developed problems. In many parts of the world the weather just didn't cooperate. And if a person was already very heavy, jogging could be all but impossible, too much impact and too hard for those already in poor physical condition.

Along came the Jazzercise craze. Setting aerobics to music was a bit more interesting. Studios were opened and the craze took off. Classes were far more invigorating in a group. It was much easier to push yourself in a group environment. The fear of looking weak made everyone push a little harder. Jazzercise spread across the country.

Jazzercise, however, was also a fairly high impact activity. To make the exercise enough of a workout, a great deal of impact was necessary. Low impact classes evolved, but the workout was not comparable. The other drawback was that most men were not comfortable getting into the classes.

Next came step aerobics and trampoline based aerobics. Both gave intense aerobic workouts. Workout levels could be altered by how high you stepped or by how high you jumped. Both of these programs caught on with exercise enthusiasts. Both were great workouts with a limited amount of impact. However, both of these had two major drawbacks. The first, routines quickly became repetitive. Not many unique combinations were possible and exercisers easily became bored. Secondly, the workouts were out of balance. The upper body didn't get enough of a workout while the lower was overdeveloped.

Finally the late 90's brought us martial arts based aerobics. These were incredible workouts. They pushed exercisers to the extreme. They worked both the lower and upper body and it was much easier to workout while visualizing pummeling your boss or whoever it was who caused you stress. These workouts when taught by a good instructor were far from boring. The media hyped it. With the right teacher they are a lot of fun.

It's unfortunate that they also proved to be some of the most dangerous workouts on the market. Motions, which were deemed unsafe years ago were used in many of these workouts. Specifically ballistic style motions. These motions use the weight of the leg and it's momentum to carry the leg beyond a safe stretching point. They usually will not hurt you if you are a trained martial artist and have been stretching for years. But if you are not prepared, injuries can occur. In addition, the amount of impact and crunching motions can be very detrimental to the back and knees. If a person is overweight or has any knee or back problems then this type of exercise could be disastrous.

Cardio Karaticise The popularity of these programs and the injuries associated with them brought on the next trend in exercise, the softer, gentler programs. Pilate's, an exercise designed to rehabilitate injured dancers, has become wildly popular. And it is great exercise. It'll make your muscles burn and lengthen and condition them.

Finally, it's possible to get both, soft, gentle exercise and great cardio. A relatively new program, which utilizes the soft fluid motions of an ancient Mandarin Kung Fu, gives intense cardio without impact or ballistic motions. Cardio Karaticise is the first aerobic exercise program to give an intense workout without stressing the joints and back. It's been shown that even those that are severely overweight or those that need to protect their knees and back are able to do this exercise.

Soft style martial arts rely more on the dynamics of the body for power. They don't bounce or snap to extension. They are fluid and circular in nature, giving them a more graceful look. They are easy on the body.

With this development in aerobics, even those who are severely overweight or those who need to be careful of their joints can workout intensely. It is easily adaptable to the different extremes in fitness levels so that it will challenge everyone.

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