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About Hoodia Gordonii

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Hoodia: Miracle Weight Loss?

You've probably heard of hoodia gordonii (pronounced hoo-de-ah), the new miracle weight loss pill, as it was featured on 60 Minutes, The Today Show, and various other news outlets. You probably also don't know what the big deal is - you've been promised weight loss from a pill before, with either no results or harm to your health.

The difference is, hoodia works.

Grown in the Kalahari Desert, hoodia gordonii is a cactus-like plant. It has been used by the South African Bushmen, known as the San, for thousands of years, as a thirst and appetite suppressant on long trips. It was discovered by South African scientists in the 1960s, who were studying the San's indigenous foods. Thirty years and $20-million worth of research was put into the plant to discover how it worked.

There's no trick - use hoodia and eat less. Hoodia suppresses your appetite by releasing a chemical in the brain that mimics an extremely high dose of glucose. Your brain takes this as a signal that your stomach is satisfied and full. In a controlled study, those who took P57, the Phytopharm-patented active ingredient in hoodia, ate 1,000 less calories a day.

Forget that racing heart, jittery feeling that other pills or potions give you. Hoodia Gordonii is all-natural, with no side effects. More importantly, it doesn't replace real hunger, just the dips in blood sugar. Just take one capsule before meals, and watch your appetite decrease. You will not want to eat more than your body needs, letting you lose weight the healthy way.

Hoodia grows all over the world, but only the type grown in South Africa is effective, so make sure you buy hoodia gordonii. Be careful of imitations, which have become rampant since the media discovered the plant's benefits.

The gordonii variety is the only one that works for losing serious weight.

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