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Salt Sense

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To make salt-smart choices while you are grocery shopping, check the labels and opt for low/reduced sodium whenever possible. By doing so, you can keep your sodium intake in check. It is a good idea to be sure you look for low/reduced sodium particularily in processed food products, as these tend to be very high in sodium content.

Salt Shaker

Comparison of some sodium-reduced foods and their regular counterparts:

  • Reduced-sodium chicken broth: 140 milligrams less sodium per cup.
  • Lower-sodium red kidney beans: 12 milligrams less sodium per 15-ounce can.
  • Lower-sodium black beans: 740 milligrams less sodium per 15-ounce can.
  • Low-sodium whole tomatoes: 620 milligrams less sodium per 14-1/2-ounce can.
  • Low-sodium tomato paste: 360 milligrams less sodium per 6-ounce can.

Canned beans are very convenient! You may not always have the time to cook them from the dried stage.

In regards to the sodium in canned beans; no worries! Many brands of canned beans now come in low-sodium versions. Canned beans are as nutritionally beneficial as those cooked from dried -- with protein, minerals, and lots of fibers.

Sodium Surprise:

Ruffles potato chips have 190mg of sodium in one ounce (equal to about 12 chips). Rold Gold Fat Free pretzels have a whopping 470mg of sodium in one ounce (about 15 pretzels).

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