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Tossing Salads

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Tossed Salad

  • When tossing a salad with dressing, use a light hand. Mix the greens or other vegetables with a relatively small amount of dressing, distributing it with numerous tossing. On average, about one to two tablespoons of salad dressing per serving of greens will lightly coat them without making the salad soggy.
  • To toss a salad with the minimum of oil-heavy vinaigrette, start with a tablespoonful or so of dressing in the bottom of an empty bowl, add roughly one-fourth to one-third of the greens and toss well. Add a bit more vinaigrette, a bit more greens, and toss again. Continue until the desired amount of salad is prepared.
  • When tossing a salad with a basic vinaigrette, always make the vinaigrette at least 1/2 hour ahead of time and let the mixture sit to allow the flavors to marry. Pour the vinaigrette down the side of the bowl, not directly on the greens, for a more evenly dressed salad.

To add some life into salads, try adding sorrel, cress or nasturtium to it.

To prevent soggy salads, place an inverted saucer in the bottom of the salad bowl. The excess liquid drains off under the saucer and the salad stays fresh and crisp.

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