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Cast Iron Skillet

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Cast Iron Skillet

There may not be any other kitchen tool that lends as much character to the food cooked inside it than the cast-iron skillet!

Quick Tips for Your Cast Iron Skillet

  • If you "season" the skillet prior to using, the cleanup is easy. Simply wipe the cooking surface of the skillet with a generous amount of vegetable oil and warm in a 300 degree oven for 20 minutes. The remnants of the cooked meal will slip right out of the skillet in no time.
  • A little knowledge and a little practice with your cast iron skillet can give you a skillet that will last a lifetime and will never poison you. Cast iron can -- literally -- last hundreds of years.
  • It is better to hand-wash a cast iron skillet as opposed to putting it in the dishwasher.
  • Note: Doctor's recommend that those with anemia cook with cast iron.

Best for Grilling Meat

The pre-seasoned cast iron square grill pan is the absolute best for grilling meat - of any kind. Click the pic to learn more.

When to Avoid a Cast Iron Skillet

Avoid using aluminum or cast iron pots when cooking with wines. Especially extended cooking like stewing or braising as it leaches into the metal.

Chefs recommend you have at least one high quality non-stick saute pan. It makes cooking eggs and delicate items like fish a breeze. It also cuts down on the amount of fat necessary to effectively saute.

Cast Iron Skillet Peaches and Cream

Freebie! Cheat Sheet on How to Clean A Cast Iron Skillet

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