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Chives for Garnishes

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Chives: Pretty and Nutritious!

Not only do chives look nice as a garnish, they have nutritional value, as well! Use them freely and on or with a variety of dishes.

Chive Cooking Tips

  • Chives should be used raw for maximum taste. Chives can be chopped up and added to salads and a variety of potato dishes including mashed and baked potatoes. They can also be used as an accompaniment to fish and egg dishes. Chives are best used fresh, rather than dried; however they freeze well for winter use.
  • A simple sprinkling of finely chopped chives will make a bowl of soup look even more appetising. Chive flowers also make a good garnish to a variety of dishes.
  • Use whole chives to create a variety of interesting garnishes. Tie them into bows or form them into circles or triangles, securing the shape by sticking the tip into a cut end. Try fanning out three to five chives atop a dish or using them to tie bundles of vegetable strips. If the chives are too stiff to manipulate, blanch them for ten seconds in boiling water.
  • Incorporate fresh chives into in salads, sandwiches, and soups and as a garnish.
  • Mix chives into butter, sour cream or cream cheese.

Chives Cooking Tip

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