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Warming Tortillas

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Warming Tortillas

Tortillas come in all shapes, colors and packaging and blends. Two of the most popular type of tortillas are corn and flour tortillas.

Corn tortillas are slightly mealier and maize hued (unless they are bluish-grey blue corn tortillas or corn tortillas in white coloring), while flour tortillas are smoother and lighter.

For those who want the nutrition in unrefined grain, wheat tortillas and even less processed whole wheat tortillas are becoming popular. Nutrition conscious food lovers may also consider wrapping their enchiladas and burritos with fat free tortillas, low calorie tortillas, rice tortillas or spinach tortillas. Corn and flour tortillas can be pressed or fried. Fried tortillas make great chicken tortilla dishes, while press tortillas are better for lathering on cheese, Mole or Verde sauce.

Oven Baked Tortillas

But whatever type of tortilla you choose, chances are a recipe is going to call for warming them, so...

  • To warm tortillas, stack them on top of each other, wrap in foil, and heat at 350 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Alternativey, warm the tortillas by wrapping the tortillas loosely in waxed paper and microwaving on high power for 15 seconds for every 2 tortillas.

Extra: Reduced Fat Tortilla Tip

A low-calorie solution for high-fat frying of corn tortillas is to place them in the oven, directly on the rack. Bake at 350 degrees, to desired crispness. The tortillas will automatically fold over into taco shell form with just a little postioning help.

Want to Cheat?

Get a Tortilla Warmer! They're not too expensive and work pretty well. (These work great for pancakes and waffles too!)

Tortilla Idea

Roll leftover steak, black beans, cheese, salsa and sour cream in a tortilla and heat in the microwave for an easy steak burrito.

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