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Make Your Own Superfine Sugar

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Superfine sugar

Superfine Sugar is finely pulverized granulated sugar obtained from sugar cane or sugar beet, that dissolves completely and rapidly in cold drinks. It is recommended for use in delicate desserts such as meringues, mousses and souffles, or for sprinkling on fruit and cereal.

It is also great for using in home made sorbets, custards, icings, and is especially useful in meringues or dissolving into cold liquids. Caster sugar is different than confectioner’s sugar, which has been crushed mechanically and often cut with a little starch to prevent clumping.

Superfine sugar is also called castor, or caster. Castor is the British term for sugar with small grains that are between granulated and icing sugar in terms of fineness.

This is so easy that you'll quickly see you needn't spend extra dollars to purchase superfine sugar in the supermarket.

  • To make superfine sugar, as is called for in many recipes, whirl granulated sugar in a blender or clean spice grinder until of the desired consistency. It's truly that easy!

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