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Shear Pleasure

Cooking tips for the caring cook.

Kitchen Shear Pleasure

Use kitchen shears to make quick work of many projects. They are ideal for use when a knife is either too cumbersome or too dangerous. Make sure your kitchen shears have a nice, gripping handle.

  • Kitchen shears are great for cubing raw stew meat.
  • Use kitchen shears to cut bread cubes for bread pudding.
  • Chopping up canned whole tomatoes with your kitchen shears.
  • Kitchen shears also easily make bite size pieces out of canned fruit and cooked meat for young children.
  • Perfect for snipping twine.
  • Kitchen shears work great for taking the tips off of squirt bottles and wooden skewers.
  • Use kitchen shears to chop fresh mint, chilies and coriander finely and without any mess.
  • Use kitchen shears to peel shrimp easily. Cut the shrimp shell from top to bottom. The shell and the vein will easily slip off.

Cleaning Your Kitchen Shears

Like all blades, kitchen shears should not be run through the dishwasher, as this can damage the integrity of the blade and eat away at the handle. Wash kitchen shears by hand with very hot water and plenty of soap, looking for for any crevices in the design where food for bacteria might be tucked away. Always dry blades with a soft, clean cloth after washing, and store them safely out of the reach of children.

What About Spoons?

Buy stainless spoons (both slotted and non-slotted) which are solid and won't bend no matter how tough the job. Also, buy several high quality wooden spoons for stirring delicate dishes like risotto (the sharp edge of a metal spoon would cut or bruise the rice).

Sharp Shears

A simple way to sharpen kitchen shears: cut a piece of steel wool.

Recommended Shears

Heavy Duty Checkered Chef Multifunction Shears. Sharp blades designed to cut through anything for everyday kitchen use: bones, ribs, chicken wings, meat, vegetables, packages and cardboard boxes.

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