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Seed and Dice Tomatoes

Cooking tips for the caring cook.

Seed and Dice Tomatoes

Tips on how you can quickly and easily seed and dice tomatoes. They can be a little messy without these tips.

Seed and Dice Tomatoes

  • To seed and dice a tomato, quarter it lengthwise.
  • With its skin side against a cutting board, remove the seeds from one tomato quarter using a sharp knife.
  • Dice the flesh and repeat with the other three quarters.

Remove Skin and Seeds From Tomatoes

  • Put on a pot of water to boil. Fill a large bowl with ice water. With a paring knife, cut a tiny "x" in the bottom of each tomato. Drop the tomatoes into the boiling water. Count to 10.
  • Remove one tomato with a slotted spoon and pull on the skin to see if it is loosening. If the skin is still tight, put the tomato back in the pot and boil for another 10 seconds or so. If the skin is loose, immediately remove all the tomatoes from the pot and plunge them into the bowl of ice water to stop the cooking.
  • Once the tomatoes are cool, immediately take them out of the water to drain. Leaving exposed tomatoes in water may cause them to become waterlogged.
  • Set up a bowl with a sieve across it to catch the seeds. Take a tomato half in one hand and gently squeeze it over the sieve to expel the seeds and the clear liquid around them.

Ketchup with tomatoes

Tomato Sauce or Puree

Start with whole, vine-ripened, tomatoes. Remove stems, wash tomatoes and cut into quarters. If tomatoes are pulpy, a little unripe, or otherwise hard to strain, parboil to soften. Cool slightly, then strain. Use immediately or preserve for later use. Add your favorite seasonings and simmer until it reaches desired thickness.

It is normal for liquid to appear when straining large amounts of high-moisture foods, such as tomatoes.

Simmer longer for thicker sauce or tomato paste. Canned tomato paste may also be added to help thicken the sauce.

Extra: Cleaning the Cutting Board

Remove odors from wooden carving boards by rubbing them gently with lemon and then letting them air dry. You don't want odors from other foods getting into your nice, fresh tomatoes!

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