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Making Real Risotto

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Reach for arborio rice when you want to make a real risotto. Long-grain white rice just does not have the same starchy qualities as arborio's short, fat, pearly kernels. Many brands are imported from Italy, but RiceSelect's risotto rice is grown in the U.S.

Real Risotto for Real Chefs

  • Buy several high quality Wooden Spoons# for stirring delicate dishes like risotto (the sharp edge of a metal spoon would cut or bruise the rice).
  • Spread out a sheet of greaseproof paper onto a large baking sheet. Begin your risotto by softening onion and garlic in oil and stirring in the rice so that it is coated and shiny.
  • Add hot stock, ladle by ladle, and begin your stirring. After 15 minutes, when the rice is breaking down but still retains a tiny, hard, opaque grain at its center, spread it out over your baking sheet so that it cools as quickly as possible. You can leave this in the fridge for several hours.
  • When you are ready to eat, cut it into chunks, return to the pan, add more hot stock and stir again for five or so minutes, until it reaches your desired consistency.

Arborio Rice Fact

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