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Recycle Tortillas

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Recycle Tortillas

Have leftover tortillas?

Here's some other interesting ways to recycle tortillas:

  • Bake in the oven until crisp for low-fat chips.
  • To dry tortillas, place on wire racks, uncovered, until they are brittle and can be crumbled into soups or salads.
  • Make quick and easy quesadillas. Sprinkle reduced fat grated cheese over the surface of a tortilla, dot with your favorite salsa. Top with a second tortilla. Place on plate and microwave until cheese in center melts. Cut into 8 wedges. (A kitchen scissors or pizza cutter works great.)
  • Make breakfast enchiladas by filling soft tortillas with scrambled egg substitute, topping with salsa and baking until heated through.
  • Make a breakfast tostados by topping crisp tortillas with salsa and fried eggs. Dot with sour cream, if desired or even sprinkle some grated cheese over top, if desired.
  • For those who like the taste of hot and spicy, the addition of your favorite variety of hot peppers can be added to any of the above.

Fresh tortillas and fat content

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