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Pie and Tart Crusts Easy Rolling

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Pie and Tart Crusts Easy Rolling

  • A dough made with inadequately processed butter pieces will be unevenly hydrated and difficult to roll out. The butter will stick to the rolling pin, the butter chunks will melt, and the dough may tear.
  • Pie and tart dough is easier to roll and will shrink less when baked if it is prepared a day ahead and refrigerated.
  • A dough made without enough water will be difficult to form into a disk. It will tear and crumble when rolled out.
  • The goal when rolling out a pie dough is to get a thin, evenly rolled sheath into the pie pan in one piece quickly - before the dough becomes soft and unworkable. Frequent rotation and flouring of the dough will prevent sticking.
  • Use a Wire Potato Masher# for fluting the edges of pie crusts.

Did You Know?

The world's largest pumpkin pie weighed in at 2,020 pounds. It was set in Ohio in 2005. (Guiness World Records)

Pumpkin and piece of pumpkin pie

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