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Packing for a Picnic

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Packing for a Picnic

Prepare for a Palatable Picnic!

  • Protect your glasses while traveling by securely tucking them into the blanket before putting them in the Picnic Basket .
  • Wrap utensils in napkins before packing the basket. That way, you won't have to search for them later.
  • Make sure you thoroughly chill foods that need to be served cold before packing your picnic basket. If you have a longer trip to make, bring along a small cooler for foods that are typically refrigerated.
  • On hot days, be sure to bring along a few extra bottles of water and choose a shady spot so you don't over-heat too quickly.
  • Tuck a small trash bag into the picnic basket so you can clean up when you're finished.
  • Rather than carry several bottles, jars and containers to a cookout, serve all the condiments from a muffin tin. Just fill each cup with a different condiment and serving spoons. Include diced onions, sliced pickles and whatever other add-ons your picnic requires.
  • Covered with foil, a muffin tray makes transporting salsas, chutneys, mustards and more a breeze, and it takes up less room in the cooler, too.
  • When heading out to a picnic, pack hot dishes with hot dishes and cold dishes with cold dishes.
  • Wrapping your hot dishes in aluminum foil and then in newspaper keeps them insulated.
  • Pack cold dishes last to keep them cooler longer.
  • Perfect picnic cheese: Spring cheeses perfect for a picnic include brie and camembert.
  • Keep sandwiches from becoming soggy by packing lettuce and condiments in separate containers. Add them to sandwiches just before serving.
  • Keep picnic salads and relishes crisp by packing them in the top of a double boiler and filling the bottom with ice cubes.

Did you know

July is National Picnic Month.

Want to keep pesky ants off your picnic table? Fill four clean, empty tomato soup cans halfway with water and set a table leg in each can. The ants will not be able to climb up the table.

Family on a picnic

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