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Cleaning Mushrooms

Cooking tips for the caring cook.

Fresh mushrooms

Note: The portobello mushroom is not actually a distinct variety of mushroom; rather it is a full grown, mature crimini (brown) mushroom. When selecting portobellos, look for the firm, smooth ones and avoid those that are especially bruised on their crowns or have damaged gills.

Love mushrooms but hate cleaning them? Here's a trick!

  • Buy mushrooms before they "open." When stems and caps are attached snugly, mushrooms are truly fresh.
  • Place mushrooms in a colander and generously sprinkle with flour. When the mushrooms are sprayed with water, the flour and the dirt wash completely clean.
  • If you have just a few mushrooms to clean, give them a good dusting with a sponge, or use a small kitchen brush to remove dirt.
  • As a rule, clean mushrooms as you use them. Wash them with as little water as possible.


Mushroom Safety Measures

If you are not sure of the safety of a mushroom, do not eat it. Experts use the method of sprinkling salt on the spongy part, or the gills. If they turn yellow, they are poisonous, if they turn black they are safe.

Tasty Tip

Jazz up boring mushroom sauce by adding 1/2-cup cooked peas (if using frozen, thaw first) into the sauce. After pouring the sauce into your gravy boat, top with a little Organic Paprika - the rich red color adds an appetizing appeal.

Day of the mushroom

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