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Quickly Prepare Frozen Concentrate

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Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate

Orange juice is a nutritional powerhouse in a glass! Orange juice naturally contains more than 60 phytochemicals.

Noteable Notes: Unopened frozen concentrate orange juice should be stored in a freezer at 0 degrees or below. It can be stored this way up to one year. Always use the older cans first, and never refreeze. Don't leave thawed in the fridge for more than 6 days.

Need to quickly prepare juice from a can of frozen concentrate?

  • Slide the frozen concentrate into a pitcher, then mash it with a potato masher. It will dissolve in water a lot faster.

Tasty Tip

  • Use orange juice for the liquid in homemade waffle batter. It gives the waffles a sweet citrus flavor your breakfast bunch is sure to love.

One downside to canned orange juice: Canned, bottled and frozen-concentrate orange juices have a greatly decreased vitamin C content.

Interesting Orange Juice Fact:

Virtually all of the orange juice consumed in the United States contains oranges produced in Florida and Brazil; these two industry players produce half of the world's oranges, and 95 percent of that fruit ends up as juice.

Orange cooking tip

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