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Cleaning Your Coffee Grinder

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Cleaning Your Coffee Grinder

If your coffee grinder does not get cleaned regularly, the oils from the coffee putrefy and turn rancid. This isn't healthy - and will affect the flavor of your coffee. Old coffee grounds can also clog up your grinder and make it less efficient.

There are several different items you can use to clean your electric coffee grinder...some prefer one way over another; try them to see which you prefer. They all seem to work quite well!

  • To clean an electric coffee grinder, add a small amount of dry rice and turn the coffee grinder on until the coffee grinder no longer has any odor.
  • Grind some coarse salt in the grinder. The salt absorbs the oils. After, wipe clean with a damp cloth or paper towel.
  • A piece of stale bread also works. Break the bread into about 4 pieces. Put the bread pieces into the coffee grinder and grind until you have "bread crumbs". Brush out crumbs and wipe clean with soft cloth or paper towel.
  • We're also told that white rice or oatmeal works, too, but haven't tested those methods.

Electric or Non-Electric Coffee Grinder?

While electric grinders do the fastest job, an old-fasioned metal or heavy ceramic mortar and pestle stilll gives the finest grind and will never break down or wear out. but be prepared to work hard. The process is slow and tedious.

In a pinch, wrap some coffee beans in a dish towel and pound them with a hammer. Use more beans than you ordinarily would. The grind will be quite coarse.

Grinding Coffee

Grind only as many beans as you need each time you make coffee. For drip pots, including automatic coffee makers, grind them as fine as possible. For percolators, a coarse grind is better. Keep the grinder spotless, brushing out any stray its of bean after each use.

Say No To Food Processors

Don't try grinding coffee beans in your blender or food processor. You'll more than likely dull and bend the blades and possibly stall or burn out the motor.

Smelly Scent?

If you start to detect an odor in your grinder after several uses, grinding sugar or rice should make it disappear.

Ground coffee tip

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