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Cleaning Your Cheese Grater

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Cleaning Your Cheese Grater

Most of us are familiar with the boxed cheese grater, the white or stainless steel one that just about every has least at least one of in their kitchen. However, there is a wide variety of graters on the market to achieve the same, and different, results. And they all need cleaning...

But no matter the grater, it's just a fact that cheese tastes better when you freshly grate it. Many of us prefer that, but tire of cleaning the grater because it can be a nuisance! Some can't go in a dishwasher and some that can just don't get thoroughly cleaned in the dishwasher so you wind up hand cleaning anyway!

Cleaning Your Cheese Grater

So without further ado, here's how to easily clean your grater:

  • To clean a cheese grater, grate a raw potato after the cheese, which clears the cheese out of the holes.
  • Or, prevent the "stickies". When grating cheese, spray the grater with nonstick cooking spray before beginning. The cheese will not stick to it and clean up will be much easier.
  • Keep an old toothbrush handy to scrub off any cheese that clogs the holes of your cheese grater.

Hand Held Cheese Grater

Avoid Skinning Your Knuckles

To avoid skinning your knuckles, use a hand-held cheese grater with a drum and turning crank.

In a pinch you can use a strong four-pronged fork as a cheese grater. Just scrape away. Or place small cubes of Parmesan or other hard cheeses in a blender or food processor and buzz for a few seconds.

Did You Know...

When grating, chefs always grate the softest items first, then the firmer ones. This will keep the grater clean.

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