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Gelatin Molds

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Gelatin Mold

Gelatin Molds - Easier and More Fun!

  • Instead of making a molded gelatin salad in one large serving bowl to take to a potluck, put the mixture in foil cupcake liners. The individual servings are easy to handle and keep the gelatin separated from other food on the plate.
  • For large molds, decrease the required liquid about 1/4 cup for each 3 ounces of Jell-O gelatin.
  • To add fruits and vegetables to your mold, chill gelatin until it's very thick but not quite set, before adding the other ingredients. If the gelatin isn't thick enough, the fruits or vegetables can float or sink. To mold gelatin, pour the gelatin into molds or serving dishes -- a 3-oz. package without fruits or vegetables makes 2 cups; a 6-oz. package makes 4 cups. Chill until firm -- several hours or overnight, depending on size of mold.
  • Gelatin in metal molds will be firm in less time than gelatin in a glass mixing bowl or serving dish.

Strawberry Jell-O Gelatin Mold
Spice up your strawberry or orange Jell-O Gelatin with a bit of cinnamon.

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