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Frosted Fruit

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Frosted Fruit

Frosted fruit makes a terrific snack, or even a dessert for kids of ALL ages! Frosted fruit is also a perfect way to decorate a cake or as a side for just about any dessert.

  • To make frosted fruit, use a pastry brush to brush strawberries, grapes or other fruit with light corn syrup.
  • Roll fruit in granulated sugar to coat.
  • Place sugar-coated fruit on wax paper-lined cookie sheet and keep in refrigerator until ready to use.

Fruit Fix

To ripen fruit quickly (such as pears, which take a long time to ripen) place the unripe fruit in a paper lunch sack along with a banana. Fold sack closed and check next day or two and fruit will be ripe and ready to eat.

Following is a recipe with a different spin on frosted fruit...very tasty and refreshing!

Frosted Cantaloupe Salad Recipe

Fresh cut cantaloupe 8 ounces cream cheese, softened
2 tablespoons milk
1 large cantaloupe
6 cups mixed fresh fruits (e g., bananas, apples, grapes, strawberries) cut into bite size pieces
3/4 cup toasted flaked coconut
Mint leaves for garnish, if desired

Beat cream cheese and milk until smooth and fluffy. Set aside. Remove the rind from the melon and cut a little from one end so the melon will stand up. Slice off 2-inches from the other end. Scoop out seeds. Fill the melon with 1 cup of fruit. Frost the outside of the melon with cheese mixture. Press coconut (crushed almonds, pecans) lightly into the cheese frosting and refrigerate. When ready to serve, place the melon on a serving platter and garnish with the mint leaves. At the table, cut melon into 6 wedges and place each on a salad plate with some of the fruit inside the melon. Top with remaining fruit and serve.

Chocolate covered grapes

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