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Slicing Deviled Eggs

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Deviled Eggs

How you slice your eggs is a matter of preference, but here are some fool-proof suggestions to help you get the best results when slicing and serving your deviled eggs.

How to Slice Those Deviled Eggs

  • To easily slice deviled eggs, dip your knife into warm water first. This will produce a smooth slice with no egg stuck to the knife.
  • Traditionalists will cut their eggs in half lengthwise, then carefully remove the yolks and place them in a separate bowl.
  • Filling deviled eggs: Put the yolk mixture in a small ziplock-type baggie. Cut one corner of the bottom of the bag. Squeeze the filling into the halved egg whites. Less mess, quick and easy.
  • If you slice a tiny piece off the bottom of the whites, they will sit better in your egg plate.

Peeling Eggs

Poke an egg with a small sewing needle before hard boiling, and the egg will peel with ease. Hold that needle in place with a magnet refrigerator clip!

Carton of fresh eggs

Deviled Egg Recipes

  1. Low Fat Mock Deviled Eggs (2 variations)
  2. Gluten Free Deviled Eggs
  3. Low Carb Bacon Deviled Eggs
  4. Deviled Eggs with Ham

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